Auditing And Assurance Services in Malaysia

Auditing and assurance services are essential to the management of your business therefore you should enrol the best professional auditors for these services to help you do everything right. An audit must be done meticulously and be taken as a matter of importance and not just as a mere compliance. At Accounting Services Hub, our team provides audit and assurance services to ensure that all the regulatory requirements are satisfied while helping you to implement efficient business controls.

Our team of experienced auditing professionals consider these services to be more than just regulatory compliance and will go a long way in offering you reliable advice that will help you manage your business and realise your business objectives. To do this, we identify areas for potential improvement and any risks that could hinder your progress or lead to future problems. We also develop long-term relationships with you so that we can us provide tested insights to help you succeed. This translates into our capacity to provide the necessary recommendations and feedbacks to your senior management team.

Laws & Requirements in relation to Auditing & Assurance

  • All public corporate entities and private limited companies operating within Malaysia is required to appoint an approved audit firm to audit its accounts and report to the company’s members annually.
  • The audit should be carried out by professionals who meet the professional code of conduct and who are certified to do so.
  • The audit is required to be in line with International Standards on Auditing (ISA).

Importance of Auditing Services & Difficulties Faced by Clients

At Accounting Services Hub, our team provides a host of auditing and assurance services to help your company run successfully while at the same time complying with the laws. The list below are some of the auditing and assurance services we offer:

Types of Audit & Assurance Services

Preparing clear and accurate auditing and assurance reports can be tedious and time consuming. Failure to carry out a professional auditing and assurance process can easily lead to legal issues for your business involving the government and shareholders as well. Professional auditing and assurance services help to identify errors and risks in the management of the company especially in financial matters, thus avoiding possible pitfalls that could affect the company’s future. Our wide range of auditing and assurance services and solutions can help your company present clean financial statements while at the same time introducing new and effective ideas to help your company succeed. Contact us so that we can use our expertise to help you comply with the legal requirements and improve your business operations to meet your business objectives.

Under the Companies Act 1965, it is a statutory requirement for incorporated companies in Malaysia to prepare financial statements according to the applicable accounting standards approved in Malaysia. These must be audited according to the auditing standards.Read More
This evaluates companies’ operational activities to establish whether the internal control systems, procedures and policies are adequate, efficient, cost-effective, and able to meet the business needs.Read More
This is an independent, objective audit and advisory activity aimed at improving, supporting, and adding value to an organization’s operations.Read More
In case of any suspected fraud in the company, this audit can be conducted to gather any relevant evidence for action. This is to investigate cases of asset misappropriation, corruption or financial statement fraud.Read More

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