Forensic Audit Malaysia

For corporate firms operation in Malaysia, carrying out forensic audit is always important and should be done from time to time. Forensic audit refers to the engagement process that involves gathering evidence, preparing witness statements and expert reports. This audit is normally plays a part in gathering of necessary evidence when it comes to forensic investigation. At Accounting Services Hub, we fully understand the significance of governance and accountability in achieving the expectations of business stakeholders and are here to offer you professional forensic audit services to realize your organisation’s goal. Our team of experts has the necessary business experience to help identify weaknesses and eliminate complications in operations.

Forensic Audit Services You Can Get From Us:

Our team of experts will work closely with you to offering practical, robust advice while helping your organisation deal with the following:

  • Financial misconducts, fraud and corruption investigations
  • Tracking business assets, funds, individuals and companies
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Intellectual contract and property management
  • Managing business risks during purchases and sales
  • Detection and prevention of financial crimes and fraud.

Our team is capable to help with a wide range of compliance, forensic and litigation issues including assessment of acquisition targets in relation to business transactions, corporate governance practices and management style. Additionally, we can help you investigate and handle exposure in relation to financial irregularities and fraud. As you run your business, there are many challenges that you will be faced with and most of these have the magnitude to cripple your operations and stall your success. You can trust us to address any risks and expose fraudulent activities affecting your business operations.


Why You Need Forensic Audit Services ?

With the changing operational systems, many businesses are increasingly becoming exposed to potential threats and risks.  Organised crime and fraud are becoming sophisticated and this can easily lead to the collapse of your business thus denying you the opportunity to advance and realize your dreams. However, you do not have to become a victim or suffer the exposure but instead we can help you identify the pitfalls and adequately prepare on how best to avoid them. We specialise in unearthing any cases of previous and ongoing irregularities while at the same time helping you seal any possible openings that could make your business a victim of crime. We will work with you to prevent any misuse or theft of intellectual property and effectively monitor and quickly react to potentially damaging situations successfully. Working with our team helps you reduce your organisation’s adverse operation, financial and reputational impact.

Why Our Clients Choose Our Forensic Audit Services ?

Our clientele has been growing over the years. More organisations have been selecting us for their forensic audit services and this is why:

  • Are a team of skilled, experienced technical specialists and forensic accountants with a history of excellence in dealing with challenges in compliance, risk and transactions.
  • Work together with our clients to overcome any challenges emanating from governance, accountability, unpredictable events and transparency.
  • Help assess your business operation mechanisms to pre-empt any risks likely to arise from irregularities, fraud as far as payment systems, accounting records and forged documents are concerned.

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