Nominee Director Malaysia

According to the Malaysian Companies Act, every company should have at least 2 directors who should ordinarily be Malaysian residents. The directors should either be Malaysian-born or persons with permanent residence status in the country. At Accounting Services Hub, we have highly skilled and experienced personnel who can be nominated as directors in your company to help meet this statutory requirement. Our nominee directors are reliable and trusted thus helping in the fulfillment of their responsibilities for the growth of your business.

Malaysian Nominee Director Services:

For us to provide an accountant as a nominee director to your company or firm, the services must be pursuant to the following requirements:

  • All the services provided will be restricted to statutory compliance.
  • The nominee director shall not be involved in the management, operations and/or financial aspects of the company
  • Comply with our initial and continuing “Know your client” or KYC requirements.
  • There must be an appointment of one or more persons as your company’s director(s) who will be in charge of operations and administration your company.
  • In case you no longer need our nominee director to continue in your company, you must inform us accordingly and get a replacement to perform the statutory requirement.
  • Implement our Nominee Director’s contractual agreement .

It is important to note that the refundable security deposit is collectable while we are offering our Malaysia nominee director services. The full amount is refundable when we cease to provide our nominee director services.

Important Aspects To Consider When Looking For Nominee Directors

  • Nominee director’s responsibilities: – It is good to know that the company offering nominee director’s services has no power whatsoever over the company’s financial aspects. Despite the fact that he/she has duties, rights and responsibilities as a director, the representative services offered are simply nominee and thing else. For this reason, the nominee director cannot be involved in running company matters such as applying for bank account, operational business, or signing off annual accounts to Malaysian authority.
  • Fees involved: – Fees paid for nominee director services depends with your agreement with the accounting firm. You might also be required to pay additional fees such as refundable deposit in addition to monthly payments. Your company will need to show that it has been audited in the recent past by a firm based in Malaysia.
  • Signed agreement: – Our appointed nominee director works to execute your will since you have appointed him to the board. It is therefore important to have a signed agreement indicating that the director won’t at any time act contrary to your wishes.

Importance of Resident Director to a Company

It’s a statutory requirement for limited liability companies operating in Malaysia to appoint resident directors before company incorporation. The appointment is important for company incorporation and at the same time, the director will help ensure that the company complies with other requirements such as organizing and holding AGMs and filing annual returns within the specified timelines. We can help you with a trusted nominee director thus making your process of business incorporation and operation easier.

Why Almost Clients Choose Our Nominee Director Services ?

  • Have a good understanding and experience of the regulatory requirements and accounting principles which helps us to support you in realizing your business aspirations within Malaysia.
  • Are reliable and can be trusted to offer a wide range of business solutions to help meet your private limited company’s needs.
  • Bring you flexibility and convenience as you run your business while maximizing your profits at every stage.

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