Payroll Services in Malaysia

Payroll services are essential for any organisation in Malaysia. And while these services can be handled from within the company, there are reasons as to why you should consider outsourcing them to a trusted professional firm. Running the process in house usually requires employing someone permanently, thus increasing operational costs and placing a burden on your company’s finances. Outsourcing these services eliminates the financial burdens associated with the payroll function thus allowing you to channel the money to other important issues.

Payroll Services Offered by Accounting Services Hub:

At Accounting Services Hub, we offer a wide range of services suited for both large and small companies. These services include the following: :

  • Computation of salaries including any unpaid leaves and overtime hours for staff.
  • Generation and distribution of pay slips to employees for record.
  • Preparation of cheques, cash or letters to banks for payment processing.
  • Preparation of the necessary statutory deductions and contributions including STD, SOCSO and EPF using the correct forms.
  • Remittance of monthly payments to the relevant authorities in a timely manner.
  • Filling of official receipts and forms orderly.

Benefits of Hiring Third Party Payroll Services in Malaysia:

  • It save the company money and time which can be directed to the management of other core businesses.
  • It gives you access to highly trained experts capable of managing the process within the set timelines.
  • You enjoy amazing efficiency, accuracy, and speed from experts.
  • Deductions and contributions are calculated accurately to avoid possible penalties and errors.

Importance of Payroll Services to Small Companies

Employee motivation is very important when it comes to the success of companies and businesses. It is therefore important to ensure that they are paid on time and their benefits calculated accurately. Additionally, payroll services ensures that all statutory requirements are complied with, without any delays. By engaging our services, we will ensure that your employees are paid on time as required by law. We will also calculate the complicated contributions and deductions for remittance within the stipulated time.

Why You Should Outsource Your Payroll Services to Us ?

At Accounting Services Hub, we understand it is important for you to prepare and pay your employees promptly and accurately. Outsourcing your payroll services helps you save time and resources thus making it easy for you to focus on your core business. We have a team of competent professionals with the expertise to help you comply with Malaysian payroll statutory obligations in a timely manner. As experts, we have the experience to provide our clients a total payroll solution and there are a number of reasons why many clients choose us:

  • We use a payroll system or software to deal with all our payroll processing jobs and this will be effectively tailored for your company based on your needs. We understand that all businesses are different and thus we approach your payroll service needs with a system specially designed for your business needs.
  • All our systems are compliant with Malaysia labour laws including Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) requirements, Scheduler Tax Deduction (STD), and other statutory deductions and contributions.
  • We support our clients with updated payroll reports indicating details such as basic salary, overtime hours, monthly allowances, bonuses, sales commissions, leave balances, other staff related expenses, claims and deductions among others.

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