Operational Audit in Malaysia

Operational audit is of great importance to your company as it helps you remain competitive and stay up to date. Performing proper audits on your business will increase efficiency of your operations, improve your management skills and lead to continuous performance improvement. Our wide range of operational auditing services enables you to improve pricing, merchandising, inventory and safety standards for better profits.

Operational audit isn’t much different from other forms of audits as it concentrates at the overall management of a corporate entity. These services check on the efficiency and effectiveness of your business’ operational structures and you can consult us to help you with all your auditing needs. We have a team of trained professional auditors who can offer specific, multifaceted insights to help enhance your internal operating practices maximize service quality and reduce operational risks.

Operational Audit Services:

Our team provides a wide range of operational auditing services which can assist businesses and corporate entities to enhance their operations. These include the following:

  • On-sight audits: These audits scrutinize different operations in the company to provide deeper insights to strengthen business strategies and drive improvements.
  • Inventory audits: These audits make the most effective use of your inventory to prevent lost sales likely to result from products that are out of stock.
  • Pricing audits: The pricing of your products plays a major role in enhancing your business’ performance. We carry out a pricing audit to prevent cases of lost revenues resulting from incorrect pricing of your products. This will avoid both over-pricing and under-pricing of the products.
  • Advisory servicesOffering advice to help in business reorganization and make business resources more effective.

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Reasons Why You Need Operational Audit

Carrying out professional operational audits helps your firm with objective opinions which are essential for achieving higher quality production, quicker sales turnaround, enhanced internal control systems, better allocation of costs and more efficient workflow. Operational audits benefits your organization financially as identifies areas requiring more allocation of funds for effective production while at the same time addressing loopholes that lead to wastage and losses. Done professionally, this process is advantageous and supports business growth. It will also increase productivity, maximize profitability and ensure proper working conditions for business activities.

Why Clients Prefer Our Auditing Services ?

As an experienced auditing service provider, we understand the critical importance of the entire process. We know that when done properly, operational audit can be a catalyst for adding value to your organization. Our team of professionals takes time to listen to our clients to understand the corporate arrangements before planning and commencing the auditing process. With an understanding that not all firms are equal, we customize our approaches, thus offering scalable, flexible and sophisticated solutions that will address each corporate organization’s unique needs. We help organizations to:

  • Improve effectiveness in risk management, corporate governance and internal audit with our technology, benchmarking and value assurance assessments among others.
  • Free up resources by offering a wide range of flexible outsourcing services.
  • Restructure business practices by reducing waste and increasing profits.

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