Corporate Secretarial Services in Malaysia

Corporate secretarial services are very important when it comes to the organizational operations of a company. Company directors need these services to verify or certify company documentation so as to allow for incorporation with Companies Commission of Malaysia. This is also important as it helps prepare company’s documents to be certified for the commencement of business transaction and dealings. At Accounting Services Hub, we offer certified corporate secretarial services to assist you to comply with various policies, regulations, code of ethics and standards with ease thus avoiding the pressure associated with the process. Our team of experts will consult you professionally as we provide a wide range of secretarial services required for your day to day operations.

Our Corporate Secretarial Services:

Our professional corporate secretarial services are based on the requirements of the Companies Act of Malaysia 1965. We have a growing list of clientele, which includes corporate firms, small companies, subsidiaries of public companies and controlled limited liabilities. Our services are as follows:

  • Incorporation of companies under Malaysian Companies Act of 1965
  • Filing of statutory annual returns and other legal requirements
  • Attendance of shareholders and board of directors’ meetings
  • Maintenance of meeting minute books
  • Maintenance of statutory registers
  • Provision of registered office facilities
  • Setting up of limited liability partnerships (LLP)
  • Conversion from partnership or sole proprietorship to private limited companies
  • Company strike off and related processes
  • Business organization and structural advisory services


Requirements of corporate secretary for Malaysia companies

To operate in Malaysia, a corporate secretary must be licensed by the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM). The role of a corporate secretary in Malaysia is important as they have to ensure that business organisations comply with all the relevant regulations and legislations. The corporate secretary must also ensure that board members are fully informed about their legal responsibilities at all times. In a company’s legal documents, the corporate secretary is the named representative with the responsibility of ensuring that the represented company and directors comply with the law to avoid omissions or mistakes that could lead to substantial penalties.

Additionally, corporate secretaries are required to register and correspond with shareholders, and to ensure proper company management by making sure that all the board of directors’ decisions are implemented. We offer efficient services to ensure that all these responsibilities are well executed, thus helping your company to run smoothly. In addition to this, our corporate secretarial services include contacting regulatory and other external bodies, ensuring dividends are paid accurately, while at the same time maintaining company records including annual accounts and list of shareholders and directors.

Why Clients Choose Our Corporate Secretarial Services ?

  • We are licensed with Companies Commission of Malaysia
  • We have the required skills and expertise
  • We are reliable in the execution of our corporate secretarial responsibilities
  • Our services are cost-effective

At Accounting Services Hub, we guarantee accuracy in our work and work hand in hand with you to ensure that your company complies with regulatory requirements and operate well without any issues. With us, your company is in good hands and you can have the assurance of full regulatory compliance.

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