Statutory Audit in Malaysia

Statutory audit is a legal requirement for all public and private limited companies under the Companies Act 1965. A limited liability company operating within Malaysia is required to appoint an external editor to audit its financial statements and to report to its members or shareholders annually. It is therefore important for the companies to prepare their financial statements in compliance with the law and according to the applicable and approved accounting standards. Statutory audit involves the inspection of a company’s accounts and financial statements to ensure they are true and fair to avoid misrepresentations.

When working with you, we will check into your documents to ensure that they are accurate and have been prepared in line with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). If there are any errors, misstatements, discrepancies or misrepresentations, our team of auditors will help resolve them to ensure that the final reports are clear, true and fair.

Our Statutory Audit Services:

As part of our approach towards the provision of statutory audit services, we endeavour to ensure that your financial statements are:

  • Free from any material misstatements or errors.
  • In line with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

While offering our series, our team of auditors will check your bookkeeping records, bank balances, financial transaction entries as well as other important accounting records. Based on our findings, we will highlight any financial irregularities or areas for improvement in the accounting system. We also prepare an audit report that is in line with the International Standards on Auditing. You can trust us to provide statutory audits which are in full compliance with the rigorous international professional standards.

If you engage our services, we also provide you with professional advice to comply with statutory requirements while at the same time proposing proper internal controls to help your business enjoy greater business growth and to safeguard business assets from misappropriation or negligence. In additional, our skilled, chartered auditors can also provide supplementary non-statutory audit services to recommend new and effective ways to add value and control cost to help run your business effectively, leading to greater growth and success.


Why Clients Prefer Our Statutory Audit Services ?

  • Has highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced professionals who are up-to-date with the accounting standards and developments.
  • Performs audit efficiently and respond promptly to our clients’ requirements and timeline. Our team of qualified auditors perform meticulous scrutiny on your company’s financial statements to ensure the financial status of  your company is reflected reliably.
  • In the current dynamic and multifaceted market environment, we are committed to add value to our clients in line with internationally and locally accepted accounting standards.
  • Has a team of exceptionally talented and experienced professionals who are committed to carry out audit procedures to detect and prevent fraud, and to encourage transparency by reviewing our clients’ reporting system and financial statements. Our team complies with the legal and regulatory requirements in Malaysia and our clients trust us to be reliable and credible in our undertakings.

We aim to ensure that our clients’ financial statements reflect a true and fair view, and are free from material misstatements, while striving to provide a smooth audit experience  .

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