Preparing accounts for small businesses in Malaysia can be a daunting task for small business owners. Some business owners prefer to focus on their business activities rather than managing their books of accounts. This can be risky because if a company fails to comply with legal and tax regulations, it may stand to face heavy fines for back taxes and lose a lot of time during investigations.

Our firm specialises in undertaking the entire accounting procedure for Small and Medium Entities (SME) and we welcome interested business owners for further inquiry on the accounting services we offer and our rates.

We have several years of experience in providing accounting services in Malaysia and can be relied on to provide timely and accurate financial reports that will be useful to your organization and shareholders. Over the years, we have built a portfolio of clients that has provided us great insight into various SME industries and are therefore in a position to provide you valid advice on best practices for your accounting management system.

Our SME accounting services includes management of the basic books of entry including double entries and journal entries that are the first steps in the accounting cycle. Our organization will make the relevant entries in the respective General Ledger (GL) accounts, while keeping all entries organised to serve as an easy reference for you. The GL is a record book used in the accounting cycle and contains all the various double entry accounts that a business utilises. Our service also includes cross checking and reconciliation of bank statement and control accounts.

After completion of the above steps, we will proceed to the verification of entries and the preparation of trial balance. Once the trial balance is checked and balanced, we will then prepare the financial statements, which include the balance sheet, income statement, statement of changes in equity, cash flow statement and other notes to accounts.

We make use of the best accounting software to ensure that you receive all your accounting reports quickly, accurately and can import all your accounting records to other accounting tools within your organisation. Besides that, our flexible accounting application technology enables you to view your finance and accounting information at any location, whether from office or from home.

Our specialised accounting program for SMEs is useful for new companies or businessmen who wish to begin placing greater emphasis on their core business functions. If this is what you seek, we can relieve you of the accounting load by providing our services to ensure your financial records are accurate, thus leaving you free to focus your time and resources on growing your business.

Besides preparing accounts for small businesses, we also provide services for the preparation of income tax and statutory audits, and consultancy advisory for SMEs in Malaysia that will help enhance and streamline organizational accounting practices for improved accuracy and clarity. Contact us now for more details on our accounting package for small businesses.