At Accounting Services Hub, we assist our clients with a wide range of outsourced accounting services, such as taxation services, payroll services, financial accounting services, bookkeeping services, auditing services, nominee services, corporate secretarial services,  for optimised performance. By outsourcing your accounting services with us, you will enjoy properly prepared accounts and practical recommendations that will improve your business management, accounting processes and financial administration.

Whether you are running a small business or a large corporate entity in Malaysia, you may outsource complex accounting tasks or day-to-day finance operations based on your accounting needs. We can help you with fully customized taxation solutions, bookkeeping, and payroll solutions or prepare your company’s annual statutory accounts. We can also get a broad analysis of your business by putting your current figures into context, comparing them to long-term trends and index statistics. Our accounting professionals come from various disciplines, thus making us a team capable of offering services that suits your needs no matter the size of your business or company.

Why Outsource Accounting Services ?

There are many reasons as to why companies choose to outsource accounting services and bookkeeping functions. All companies registered in Malaysia have a statutory requirement to maintain proper set of financial accounts in line with the Companies Act 1965 and this requires a high level of expertise to ensure compliance with accounting standards and legal requirements. The following are some of the reasons and benefits as to why you would consider to outsource the accounting function of your company: –

  • Cost-effective: Many businesses struggle under the weight of staff cost and thus experience reduced profitability. If you choose to outsource your accounting services, you don’t have to hire professional accounting staff, so you can simply stop thinking about the costs associated with staff performance bonuses, overtime, medical benefits, professional training, annual leave, or even office space and other staff related overhead costs.
  • Time-saving: Outsourcing your accounting function can free up the time spent on accounting and bookkeeping activities, thus allowing you to focus on other revenue-generating core business activities. You do not have to focus on back-end accounting functions and this precious time could be spent growing and managing your business. This helps to increase business efficiency while at the same time enhancing productivity.
  • Reliable and competent professionals:  By outsourcing your accounting services, you can be assured of highly experienced and skilled professionals to handle your work well. Whether you are dealing with tax returns or bookkeeping, you can be rest assured of the professional expertise by outsourcing to a reliable accounting firm.
  • Great convenience:  Some accounting service provider works as one-stop-shop whereby you can engage the same firm to take care of the full range of back-end support functions such as corporate tax services, payroll processing function, corporate secretarial services, advisory services, and costing services among others.
  • High quality results: – By outsourcing your accounting services to a qualified and established accounting firm, your accounting records and statements will be of high quality and meet the required Malaysian financial reporting standards.
  • Business growth: By engaging external accounting firms for outsourced accounting services, you can also leverage on their advice and expertise to help expand your business as they can provide a different perspective for you to understand new business frontiers to increases sales and growth.

The benefits of outsourcing greatly outweigh the costs of engaging the right professional firm. At Accounting Services Hub, we provided high-quality outsourced accounting services to a wide array of clients and you too can benefit from us. Our team of professionals are ready to serve you and to help your company experience the benefits above. To enjoy the benefits of outsourced accounting services from us, contact us now.